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Film & Production Training

North Carolina Office

705 Jarman St

Jacksonville, NC 28540

Eric J. Dionne


Film Makers


Eastern Exotics works with producers, directors, and actors to facilitate safe, effective and efficient performances by animal actors and to educate production teams. Your project will greatly benefit from Eastern Exotics training of your team and our experience meeting the unique needs of both animals and filmmakers.


Eastern Exotics is able to:

•Train and educate your staff and crew on the handling and use of animals on set.

• Document a production’s humane care of animals

• Objectively report on the animal actions when public concerns arise or animal accidents occur on a particular set

•provide animals or contacts for animals to be used in media


Eastern Exotics can provide:


During Pre-Production

• Provide educational training to your staff and crew on handling and safe use

• Assistance to evaluate/mitigate risk factors while using animals

• Collaboration to determine safe options and alternatives for animals and your staff

• Access to information on various species, humane issues, and animal experts


On the Set

• Oversee the Humane treatment of animals

• Help reduced liability risks

• Provide Animal safety, which provides greater cast and crew safety

• Increased protection from unwarranted controversies



• Respond to public inquiry throughout a production’s distribution life

• Assistance as liaison with media, regulatory agencies and individuals requesting information about the animal action



• Trademarked Eastern Exotics Animal Education Seal in the end-credits, which reassures audiences that animals where treated humanely


Contact Eastern Exotics Early in the Pre-Production Process 

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