Sponsors & Friends of Eastern Exotics

Eastern Exotics would like to say a special thanks to The Fuzzy Peach of Jacksonville, NC and Cape Carteret, NC.  Their staff and Management have been awesome and very supportive to Eastern Exotics and our cause. Thank you from all of us here at Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation.

The friends and sponsors section of Eastern Exotics lists Organizations that Eastern Exotics either has donated to, worked with, or sponsor us. Not all organizations listed below sponsor us. Some organizations are just ones that we fully support and donate to. Some organizations are just ones that support Eastern Exotics as a sponsor or donator and some organizations are a combination of both where they support us and we support them. If you have any questions of which organizations do what or how we are tied to them. Please feel free to email us at easternexotics.org@gmail.com for further information. If you'd like to be a sponsor please feel free to email us as well. Thank you all for everything you do.

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